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Computer Tips: Printing from Yahoo! Mail

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We've had several questions lately about people not being able to print from their Yahoo! Mail from the Internet Explorer File > Print preview or Print menu options.  This sometimes crashes Internet Explorer 7 entirely.
   The short answer is you should print your email from a link on the Yahoo! Mail screen called Print.  It's over on the right hand side of the screen, ON THE YAHOO MAIL PAGE NOT the little printer on the Command bar of Internet Explorer. Repeat: Don't use the command bar printer that is always displayed on Internet Explorer 7.
    In addition to the benefit of not entirely crashing your browser, it also:

  1. Prints only the email and not the menu.
  2. Prints all of the body of the email and not just the page displayed on the screen.
  3. It brings up a little window displaying what will be printed.
  4. It's less clicking.

If for some reason you want to print all that is displayed on the screen, log in to your email with the Mozilla FireFox browser.
   Note:  If there is a little printer icon displayed on the web page (below the browsers tool bars), then usually you want to click on that to print properly.  They don't bother  to add their own print link if there is no reason to use it. This is especially common with email and pdf files such as forms.
However, you still need to be aware of how many pages you are going to print.