What is the Summer Reading Club? - Lynchburg Branch Library

The Summer Reading Club is an annual program for children of all ages, teens, and adults. It is for children who read AND for children who are READ TO. Kids who are signed up receive a reading record on which they keep track of the number of minutes they read or are read to. They earn prizes by reading. It's that easy!

Kids are welcome to check out and read library books, but they can also read their own books and magazines. The reading does not have to be done at the library. Kids can read at home, at the babysitter's house, under a picnic table or tree, or on vacation. The important thing is to READ, READ, READ and to keep track of how much reading you are doing.

The library also has programs at the library all summer. We have storytimes for all ages, shows with professional performers, and fun games. All of this is separate from the reading program described above. Don't be discouraged from signing children up for the reading club because you can't come to the library regularly. All of the reading can be done at home.

Teens and adults simply fill out an entry form for each book they read this summer. Each week, there is a prize drawing from the entries received. All of the entry forms are put together at the end of the summer for a grand prize drawing.

If you have questions about the Summer Reading Club for children, teens, or adults, please contact the library by calling 937-364-2511 or visiting us at the corner of Main and Pearl Streets, Lynchburg, Ohio.