Library Cards and Policies

 Getting a Library Card

  • If you are an Ohio resident, please bring with you to the library  a picture ID with current address & one other piece of identification to sign up.   You will need some proof of your current address. (Examples: Car registration, postmarked envelopes from bills or other mail sent to your address, checkbook.)
  • Children under 16 will need their parent or guardian to come into the library and sign their application form.  Children should be at least 5 years old and in Kindergarten.
  • You are NOT required to get one of the "new" cards.  Your old card will still work as before.  If, however, you would like to replace the old card just to have the convenience of the new keychain cards the standard $1 replacement fee will apply.
  • We do NOT accept the image of a library card on your smartphone for checkout.

Library Cards issued at Hillsboro, Leesburg, Lynchburg, & Greenfield can be used at all the  Highland County District Libraries .  You do not need one for each of those libraries. 

Other Policies:

  • If you wish to use our public Internet computers or Wi-Fi, you will also need to read through and sign our acceptable use policy.
  • Note: We no longer accept the library cards of other county libraries.-August 2005
  • Effective July 1, 2009 there will be a charge of $2.00 per item for out-of-system interlibrary loan requests to cover return shipping costs. ("Out-of-system" means that you did not find it in our SEO catalog.)
  • Lost or damaged items:

    Damage to library items will be assessed by staff and charged according to the age of the item and the severity of the damage. Items with damage severe enough to cause withdrawal from circulation must be paid for.  The charge will be added to the user's account automatically.

    An item is considered "lost" when it has become substantially overdue or reported as lost.  The replacement cost of lost items will be automatically charged to your account.  The library does not accept replacement copies, rather than payment for lost items.  If you find and return a lost item within 6 months of payment, you will be issued a refund.

  • Acceptable Use Policy for the Internet and our Public Internet Computers


Checking Out:


The first time you checkout you can take out only two items,  after that the following rules apply.


Days Loaned


Late Fees

Most Books and Toys

28 days


10 cents a day

New Books, Pamphlets, Magazines, Audio CDs and tapes and Book on Tape

Some New Books are 7 days only.

14 days


10 cents a day


14 days


50 cents a day

Videos & DVDs

7 days


50 cents a day

Interlibrary Loans

Period determined by the library from which we borrow them.

Items requested must be picked up & returned, to use Interlibrary loan services again! 
($2 fee for items not in our catalog.)

10 cents a day

E-books and Digital Audio Books 21 days Only 10 items at a time. Not Applicable,
They "return" themselves.

 Can't Make it Back When the Library is open?

Each library has an outside book drop to return materials after hours.
If you have a card, then you can renew renewable items either over the phone, or with a home PC and a PIN (set this up at the Circulation Desk) via the web.  Items may not be available for renewal if someone else has placed a hold on the item or if you have already renewed the item twice.

To Phone Us with Questions:
937-393-3114 Main Library at Hillsboro | 937-981-3772 Greenfield Library
937-780-7295 Leesburg Library | 937-364-2511 Lynchburg Library

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