Computer Services

Each of our Libraries have public computers* and free WiFi available during the hours that we are open. Use of our computers is subject to our acceptable use policy. Also, you will not be able to use the public computers if you have outstanding fines on your library card. There is a charge for printing. Printing from wireless devices is not available at this time. Each of our Libraries has a public scanner and a fax machine or service. The fax service is $1 a page.


*The Public Computers:

     Each library has public Internet computers running Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010 with Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and Powerpoint. They also have Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox browsers and software.  Each of our public Internet computers is set up to reboot to its original state without saving any of your documents or history, so if you wish to save your documents or links you should either bring in a flash drive or save the documents online to a site such as Google Docs or whatever server you have an account with.  We do not provide data storage space or email addresses you must sign up for your own accounts and save or remember your own passwords.   While we do have Avast! Antivirus installed on all of our public computers, the library does not claim that this or any service will make the Internet perfectly safe.  Please use reasonable caution, especially when sharing personal information.

     Additionally each library has Public Catalogs and Reference PCs which are set up to provide access to our library catalogs and reference databases.  These computers do NOT provide access to your email or Internet search engines such as Google or Bing.