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Information about Computer Viruses

Virus Information Links

Information From Anti-Virus Software Vendors:


F-Secure: Security Information Center Virus Information Library
Sophos Virus Information Page
Symantec Security Response
Trend Micro Virus Information

Other Virus Information Resources:

Virus Hoaxes & Misinformation : 

Protect Yourself:

1. Update Your Virus Protection Software Regularly.
2.Update Windows:
Check regularly for new patches for Windows & Internet Explorer to help protect your computer against Malicious Programs  that use weaknesses in the operating system to damage or to access your computer.
3. Get a Spyware Protection program such as Spybot Search and Destroy or one that is included in a security suite of programs with anti-virus software.
4. Make sure your firewall is turned on. (Windows XP and Vista both include a firewall as do many Security Suites.)
5. Stay alert.  Never give out personal information, passwords, credit card numbers or social security numbers through email. Email is not secure.  Be very sure that you see a little closed padlock at the bottom (or top) of your browser before you type in secure information such as your credit card number.   Use your common sense, If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.
6. Check for scam alerts before spending money :


  • Better Business Bureau,
  • US Securities & Exchange,
  • the Federal Trade Commission